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Rees: Yeah, I agree.
It was my 30s.
In 2009, Jamba Juice ran ads using the same clip art/conversational style as Rees, claiming they had never seen his comic.
But thats something I still really struggle with.
Rees: Yeah, Im at like And I raised my prices a few weeks ago to slow down demand.And the melancholy tone was also because I was inspired by all these old technical manuals that I used to collect.And then by the end of the book, when everythings gone completely bananas, its just because Im having fun with.So for those, I would just use a pocket sharpener."The Rumpus Interview with David Rees Rumpus Magazine (September 11th, 2012).Since May 2005, Rees has been a contributing blogger at The Huffington Post.Then, he watched me as I read it and laughed.And they are my favorite band and that was kind of what I was going for with Get Your War.How do you do that?And so the pencil-sharpening thing, I felt like if I was going to talk about pencil sharpening and talk about my business a little, I should at least allude to some of this stuff.I liked sharpening pencils and I was like, Oh, I wonder if I could get paid to.Had a drug problem, and then we declared a War on Drugs, and now you can't buy drugs anymore?

And he did one right after 9/11.
And I only sent it to friends.
And I just felt like it would be good to have somebody who could write with a lot of humor, but who could write very sincerely.
When Rees retired the comic eight years later, he was essentially broke.People were so excited we were starting a never-ending war on terror.This is gonna work.And I also did like the idea of having some kind of different emotional tones that are associated with different layers of the book.And then pencil-sharpening, I guess, was kind of the same thing.Granted, gywo makes an art out of going too far, and at least one letter writer has called Rees a communist.And I took that stuff really seriously.Rumpus: So did you actually go from angry to relieved that first night?