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According to an arrest warrant from East Whiteland Township, Pennsylvania, Storf is facing 46 counts of criminal wrongdoing in the community located northwest of Philadelphia.
After their investigation began, police discovered that the alleged sex acts involved two 12-year-old girls.
"And I thought that the information was going to be forthcoming.".According to a criminal complaint filed by an East Whiteland Township police detective, police there initially were told Storf had engaged in sex acts with a 12-year-old girl.At one point, Storf told the girl not to tell anyone about the sex because he said he would be arrested, the complaint states."What's the future value of our home going to be worth?The charges include 20 counts of rape of a child, unlawful contact with a minor and indecent assault on a person younger than."There was probably an eight-10 foot drop and our whole yard, we lost it to a landslide.".Trending NOW: North Strabane Township has confirmed to Channel 11 that Ryan Homes didn't properly connect roof drains to a storm water system and that caused the landslide.The township tells us Ryan Homes is now doing the proper work to shore up the land.Channel 11 spoke with a representative from Ryan Homes, who said the company can only officially say "no comment." 2017 Cox Media Group."At first I was excited that someone was taking care of it Rich Osberg said."Five or six plants with flowers, and it just all sunk down in the ground Amanda Osberg said.Hes also charged with four counts of involuntary deviate sexual intercourse with a child and statutory sexual assault, as well as six counts of corrupting minors.

Neighbors in Weavertown have sent Channel 11 pictures since January, showing the landslide and machinery on their property, wanting answers.
They didn't when they started working.
11 investigates learned from North Strabane Township officials Ryan Homes now has a permit.
Currituck A 22-year-old Currituck County man will be extradited to Pennsylvania where hes facing more than 40 charges for allegedly having sex with two 12-year-old girls."We loved the view from the lot Rich Osberg said.Devin Edward Storf, of the 100 block of Penland Drive, waived extradition after appearing before Chief District Judge Edgar Barnes on Monday.Storf and a friend both had sex with the girls that day, the complaint continues.He said when he sought that information regarding the permission to be on the property and what their plan was to fix it, Ryan Homes couldn't give him an answer.For months, no one from the company returned their calls, so they called Channel 11's Jennifer Tomazic who finally got them some answers."I want the yard back, and I want to know that all the damage to the property is being fixed properly, and with the proper oversight Osberg said.He and his wife Amanda put some TLC into their yard.Acting on the East Whiteland warrant, Currituck sheriffs deputies arrested Storf at his Currituck residence on July.